ZTE Axon 30 5G increases 8GB RAM in its recent update

RAM capacity is increased using the virtual memory technology

ZTE Axon 30 5G increases 8GB RAM in its recent update

ZTE’s Axon 30 5G is pretty popular. The device has an under-display camera and is the second commercial phone to have it. In its recent update, the company claims that its technology has been updated removing flaws of its predecessor. It has become the first-ever smartphone to boast 20GB of RAM though we don’t know much about the latest technological advancement.

Almost all of the smartphone manufacturers from China have finally found a technique that has been used in operating systems for decades. It is the concept of virtual memory or virtual RAM. It has different names on different platforms. While Vivo calls it Extended RAM, OPPO names it “RAM+Expansion”. ZTE has not given any title for it as of now.

The RAM of Axon 30 has been extended without the addition of any hardware component. It is a virtual memory implementation where 8Gb of the 256GB internal storage will now act like RAM. It will add more space for apps and app data to operate in case the 12GB RAM won’t be enough. 

The 20GB RAM will also slow down the performance of the phone by a bit. Of course, some storage space will be lost. Also, the virtual RAM is slower than the actual DRAM because of the difference in technologies. It might not be noticeable though. 

Now as more smartphone companies are exploring virtual memory technology, it will become common within a matter of time.