Zoom’s Focus Mode will keep students away from distraction

Students will not be able to see each other when Focus Mode is turned on

Zoom’s Focus Mode will keep students away from distraction

Zoom’s new feature called Focus Mode will keep distractions away in a Zoom classroom. It mainly aims at preventing students from distracting each other during online classes. Once the feature is turned on the teacher or the host will be able to see all the participants/students. But the students will be able to see the teacher/host. The feature can be activated while taking lessons and then turned off for classroom discussions. 

Along with seeing the teacher, students can also see themselves and any ongoing presentations. They will also be able to see the names of other students and their emoji reactions. When this feature is turned off, students will be able to see all the other students like in a normal zoom meeting and their reactions.

This feature is available on every Zoom desktop client including free versions. Other than online classrooms, this feature can also be made use for family gatherings, small business meetings, and other situations where one doesn’t want to be easily distracted. It will also help people who are less comfortable with showing their faces on camera. It can be locked if you want to make it mandatory for all users in your account. 

The feature will prove useful as the pandemic is still not letting schools open. Zoom has also added some “back-to-school” tips to improve online learning like checking the internet connection, creating a learning space, and tips about lighting and other features of the app.