Zoom started allowing third-party plugins on its app

Zoom expects the steady growth which it had attained during pandemic to continue


Zoom became a familiar name when the pandemic started to rule our lives. It has been a blessing to many corporate and educational institutions for conducting meetings, conferences, and classes. Zoom is now adding on to its list of additional features several things that will ensure that their popularity will remain even when everything returns to ‘normal’.

Zoom will now allow you to use other apps like Asana and Dropbox Spaces while you are on a zoom call. There are almost 50 such apps that can be used while on your call. You just have to install the updated version of the Zoom app and click the Apps menu to discover which all apps will be available. You can expand the side panel anytime during the call to get the apps. Zoom Marketplace will also show the available apps. Your admin can limit the apps that you can install if use zoom for work and is part of an organization.

This availability of third-party apps on Zoom’s platform will make it easier to do things without leaving the platform. The new Events hub from Zoom will also be now available. The new features added will make sure that the service is continuing the steady growth it had attained during the pandemic.