Windows 11 planning on a long-overdue Microsoft Paint redesign

Microsoft Paint will have more noticeable UI changes

Windows 11 planning on a long-overdue Microsoft Paint redesign

Microsoft Paint is where we all might have had the first hands-on experience of Windows apps. People used to create wonderful works out of this basic feature set. It had remained almost unchanged since Windows 8 launched in 2012. Windows 11 will bring in a change to this often criticized first-party app of Windows. Windows will add some new features and tools to make a visual refresh and increase its creativity without having to install an additional app. 

Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay has remarked that some new tools are in a test for the upcoming Windows 11 apps. He said that almost all the apps will have an “upgrade” from their earlier version. These might seem minor but it will add more usefulness and includes visual refresh. Information on rounded corners coming back to Windows 11 has confirmed a new design language on the operating system. The apps will also have dark or light themes. 

Microsoft Paint will have a little bit more noticeable UI changes. The window title will sit at the top, the quick action buttons, therefore, will be moved to the menu bar. The colour palette will now come in circles, which will be in line with the Windows 11 aesthetic. 

The drop-down menu for the brushes will also have better pictures of what each stroke will look like. There will also be changes in the way how they work. The available information confirms that some form of pressure sensitivity will be supported. It was something which lacked in the old Paint app even though it had Windows Ink.

These changes might not make Microsoft Paint in tune for a more advanced digital work. But it will prove more useful for the basic use cases and will come pre-installed on Windows 11 PCs.