Vivo launches its new Vivo X70 with a V1 custom image processor

Vivo launches its new Vivo X70 with a V1 custom image processor

One of the major concerns about smartphones today is photography, which has already shifted away from simple larger sensors or megapixel counts. Off-the-shelf ISPs or image signal processors are not enough sometimes, so more and more smartphone developers are making new silicon in-house to ensure good image quality. Lately following this trend, Vivo company is coming up with its new V1 image processor that will be launched in the Vivo X70 series soon.

In the past few years, Vivo has been extending its limits in smartphone photography in unorthodox ways. Most recently, it used a physical gimbal system very much like a professional camera system but in a narrow way. This was introduced in last year’s Vivo X50 Pro and this year it will get a 2.0 upgrade with Vivo X60 Pro and Pro+.

The X70 series will have new features in it. Vivo Executive VP Hu Baishan declares that the company will introduce its new V1 image processor with the next-gen flagship. According to the executive, this chip has been in development for two years which means it goes back further its gimbal innovation. He also declared that, if its current chips don’t satisfy, they might look into co-developing IP with partners.

Hu Baishan is not giving many technical details about the V1 chip, he only gives suggestions on its effects on enhancing Vivo X70’s image performance, mainly in night photography, portraits, or bokeh simulation and image stabilization. Vivo X70 doesn’t show the same gimbal system that its forerunners displayed.

Unlike those, the Vivo X70, mainly X70 Pro+, has a second screen on its back. It is also expected that it will run on Snapdragon 888, which in a way suggests that it will be launched soon. Since it launched its Vivo X60 earlier this year, we expect that the company is adjusting its schedule.