Twitter revamps its website and app: A new font and a lot less clutter

Chirp was first introduced in January as Twitter's first proprietary typeface

Twitter revamps its website and app: A new font and a lot less clutter

Twitter has announced the implementation of its new font “Chirp” along with a redesign of its website to make the platform more accessible, less congested, and easier to access. The changes will be made to both Android and iOS versions. The changes will make it more high-contrast and Twitter has indicated that it will roll out new colour palettes too. 

Chirp is Twitter’s first proprietary typeface. Earlier, the company used fonts like SF Pro, Robot, and Helvetica Neue on the platform. With Chirp, Twitter aims to bring in a new typeface that is not only sharp and legible but also allows for more personality during times when put into motion or used for brand advertising.

Chirp will be made as a core part of all its website, iOS and Android app versions, and mobile web. The typeface will align western-language text to the left which will allow easy reading as the user scrolls down. 

The colours and buttons on have become more high-contrast. It might not be surprising if you find less blue on Twitter’s site now. The tweets and navigation are all black now in the default Twitter theme with a white background. Twitter says that the changes made to some buttons are to make them stand out. 

Even though the features do not seem a big deal now, it will be once Twitter brings in the expanded feature set that is likely to include Super Follow and other features. The company can now easily highlight the actions that it wanted the user to do. The redesign has helped clear some clutter on the screen like the one that Twitter calls “unnecessary divider lines”. Gray backgrounds have been significantly reduced and there is increased space that allows easy reading of the text. 

Twitter expects that the changes will bring a different online experience so that the users may not stop with sharing some text-based posts with an occasional photo or other media. 

The Super Follow feature helps the platform to attract more creators. Twitter has also announced some e-commerce shopping features, a subscription service for power users, live audio with spaces, etc. 

Maybe it is because of the addition of these many features that Twitter planned to redesign its website. Twitter has also notified that there will be more updates on the redesigning later. For now, we only know that there will be more colour palettes in future updates. As for other features, we will have to wait and see.