Twitter launches Reddit-like ‘Communities’ feature

The feature will be similar to a subreddit on Twitter

Twitter launches Reddit-like ‘Communities’ feature

Twitter can be addictive. You never know how fast time flies when you are browsing on it. But sometimes it becomes hard to narrow down your attention to a single topic when there are tweets about movies, news, and food reviews at the same time. To solve this trouble, Twitter is launching a feature titled Communities. It will be like a subreddit on Twitter. Users will be able to join communities of interested topics where talks will be about the topic alone.

This feature is different from Twitter Topics. Twitter Topics automatically arrange tweets under interest areas like crypto, funny tweets, football, cricket, and startups. When users join a community, they can tweet to that community alone, instead of all the followers. To start with, the feature will provide already made communities around dogs, weather, sneakers, skincare, and astrology. This feature will be limited in the beginning. The limiting criteria are not mentioned.

To join a community, an invite from a moderator or a member is required. This will create more user engagement on Twitter. When users join a community a pop-up card with rules and regulations will also be displayed. The communities will be managed by their moderators. They can specify its rules but it must follow Twitter’s rules. The communities will be public groups and Twitter says that it will not have any closed groups for now. This will also reduce Twitter’s pressure on managing these communities and ensures more transparency.

In recent years, though, Twitter has had difficulty interacting with foreign politicians and countries. It’s possible that in the future, community moderators will regard a message as innocuous, but the local government will hold a different opinion. Twitter will find itself in hot water once more in this circumstance. As a result, the mixed moderation paradigm may encounter numerous challenges in the future.

Twitter Communities is the social media platform’s answer to Facebook Groups and Reddit for more targeted discussions. However, communities are essentially concentrated timelines — similar to a Twitter list of news organisations — and if there are too many people tweeting at once, you might lose sight of the topic. But, hey, there’s no harm in trying something new.