Twelve-year-old Benyamin Ahmed’s NFT collection earns him $400k

The Weird Whales collection was launched last month

Twelve-year-old Benyamin Ahmed’s NFT collection earns him $400k

Benyamin Ahmed is just 12-years old. He lives in London and recently attracted a lot of attention due to his NFT collection. He is a coder and he developed a collection of digital whales that was sold as NFT. Authentic sources report that he will probably earn $400,000 from the collection that launched last month. 

Ahmed entered the coding world after inspiration from his father, who is a web developer. He started coding at the age of five. It was only this year that NFTs caught his attention. NFTs are increasingly attached to online content nowadays. They are being entered into a digital ledger thereby, ensuring correct data of who owns what.

The recently launched Weird Whales was not Ahmed’s first attempt in NFT. He launched an NFT collection earlier that contained 40 avatars which he named Minecraft Yee Haa. He coded and designed the collection himself. The Weird Whales collection has 3,350 pixelated whales in different colours and hats. He learned the process online. After the launch, the collection sold out in just nine hours. He earned 80 ether that day, which is a cryptocurrency. The profits from that were kept by him which today amounts to almost $255,000. He also got additional 30 ethers from resales. So, he has earned more than $350,000 until now. The amount is expected to cross $400,000 by this month.

He has been noticed by some high-profile people in the field who shared his news on Twitter. Ahmed has more than10k followers on Twitter. He adds that he does not have a bank account but a cryptocurrency wallet. He is planning to keep his ether as such. He has already begun working on another similar project. He hopes that his projects might make him a tech entrepreneur like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.