Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony: Display by drones steals the show

More than 1800 drones were arranged to form the symbol of 2020 Olympics


The 2020 edition of the Olympic games began yesterday (July 23rd). Things were a little bit different because of the pandemic but Tokyo has managed to turn all the eyes to the stadium by the well-executed and interesting opening ceremony. The ceremony lasted almost 4 hours and they managed to pull out a worthy show even when there was no audience in the stadium.

The Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony caught the attention of many with a special performance. More than 1800 drones were operated simultaneously to form different models in the sky. They began with the symbol of the 2020 Olympic games. The drones were then arranged in the shape of Earth. Japan showcased its technological advances through this performance. Not even a single drone went out of the line of performance.

This is not the biggest drone show we have witnessed. The Super Bowl LI in 2017 employed almost 3000 drones for a similar performance. But the one in Tokyo caught the world’s attention even with half the drones as of the Super Bowl performance.