Tinder’s interactive “Swipe Night” makes a comeback

Swipe Night was first introduced to attract more users to the platform

Tinder’s interactive “Swipe Night” makes a comeback

Tinder is bringing back its “Swipe Night” series after the platform witnessed a successful result from its first campaign when the platform got over 20 million user engagements and a 26% increase in its matches. Tinder was working on ways to make its platform more creative rather than just swiping right. 

With its revenues showing a decrease in 2019, Tinder launched its Swipe Night to allow the users experience an interactive feature. The feature was a kind of “choose your own adventure” which allowed users who opted for similar options to get matched more easily. Tinder has also hired a new Gen Z director Karena Evans who has experience in directing music videos for Drake, and the premiers of HBO Max’s “Gossip Girl” reboot. 

Swipe Night asked users to choose what they will choose to do during an apocalypse. They were given options to swipe left and right. The swiping pattern helped them match with other uses and the selected options appeared on their Tinder profiles. This interactive video series attracted many critics too. But the company reports that there was a 26% increase in matches when compared with a normal Sunday night. This feature was even recognized at the Cannes Film Festival. 

The second season as we may call it, of this interactive video series will also employ Tinder’s “Fast Chat” which allows the users to talk before matching. It powers Tinder’s new feature “Hot Takes”. This time Fast Chat will allow users to come together in solving the mystery, even if they have not matched already. 

Swipe Night will be present in the “Explore” section of the app. The “Explore” section gives the app’s users new ways to get matched rather than just swiping. This feature mainly targets Gen Z users and was announced together with Hot Takes and video profiles last month.