Tinder lets people add videos to their profiles


Tinder app allowed serial daters the ability to video chat last fall. This feature helped many users to make meaningful communication. the app is now allowing members to add multiple video clips to their profile, starting from today. The users will be able to record, edit and upload as many as nine mobile videos and upload to their Tinder profile.

Tinder says, it offers members a more “authentic way to express themselves.” In particular, Tinder expects its Gen Z users raised on TikTok and YouTube to take to the feature with aplomb. The demographic makes up 50 percent of its global user base.

Video is just one of several new additions included in Tinder’s latest update, which it hails as one of the biggest changes to its app since launch. Also introduced a new speed dating-style social feature called “Hot Takes” that lets unmatched users talk in short spurts before swiping over. When the timer runs out, you’ll be able to choose whether to match with the person or move on to another session. Hot Takes will be available from 6pm to midnight on weekdays and marks the first time Tinder users have been able to chat before they match.

Finally, Tinder is also debuting a new section called Explore as a way for singletons to connect based on their shared interests, and as a showcase for its live events like Hot Takes. You’ll be able to find potential matches based on their “Passions” like activism, binge watching or thrill seeking. The Explore section will launch later this summer.

Source: Engadget