TikTok may soon increase video length to 5 minutes

TikTok had recently increased video lengths to 3 minutes

TikTok may soon increase video length to 5 minutes

TikTok is known for its short video platform. The videos were restricted in their length initially. It was to make quick consumption of the content. But this limitation prevented many creators from creating longer content. For such longer videos they relied on other platforms like YouTube. 

In order to prevent the creators on the platform to look for alternative platforms, TikTok is making the essential change. Matt Navarra in his tweet said that he had found evidence that TikTok would soon begin its test for allowing users to increase the length of their video content. The video length will be increased to five minutes, it seems. He comments that the platform is trying new ways to “expand its presence”.

This is not the first time TikTok has brought in similar changes. It recently rolled out a feature that increased the video length to 3 minutes. The feature came late even though the platform began testing it in 2020. With other social media platforms like Instagram allowing much longer video content, the changes TikTok plan to make is not surprising. Instagram increased its limited video length with the introduction of IGTV. This feature does not restrict videos based on length. 

Videos as long as 5 minutes, will not be available to everyone as it is now undergoing the test phase. Those who get access to this feature, will be notified by the platform. We can expect that it will soon be available to everyone, as it did with 3-minute-long videos.