This app adds a panic button to all mobiles instantly


With Telecom service provider MSAI has a launched an app that adds a panic button almost instant on all Android smarpthones. This comes after the government made it mandatory for all smartphones sold in India from 2017 to include a panic button.

Called I Feel Safe app, it will serve as a panic Button for all Android mobile phones and soon for all feature phones as well. The new app requires users to press the power button of any Android phones 5 times repeatedly to activate it. It works even when the phone is locked. Once activated by pressing the panic button, the app will quickly send the distress message with the coordinates of location via SMS to your select contacts and will also make an alert call to the police. Going forward, it will also start giving the map coordinates every one minute in explicit longitude and latitude coordinates which in turn can map out the route to give an accurate road map of crime in motion. It will keep on alerting until it is turned off by the user.

The single emergency number ‘112’ will be operational throughout India from January 1, 2017 to help people reach immediate services of police, ambulance and fire department. “Single emergency number ‘112’ will be operational from January 1,” a senior government official told. The service will also be accessible even through those SIMs and landlines whose outgoing call facility has been stopped or temporarily suspended.