Telegram’s video call feature allows 1000 viewers

The update makes the platform suitable for live events

Telegram’s video call feature allows 1000 viewers

The importance of video calls has increased drastically since the pandemic. Each and every major company have enhanced their video-calling options recently. More and more features get added to it so that they can bring in more users. 

Telegram, the social media app which is similar to WhatsApp was a bit late in adding the video call feature. It only launched the option this June. Now, they have added an exciting feature to their video calling option. The app now allows up to 1,000 people in a single group video call. Out of these 1,000, only 30 people can share their video during the call and the rest of all the people can simply join the call and watch it. 

Telegram was planning to increase the number of people who could join group calls when it first launched the video calling option. By doing so their feature can support many live events. The company is planning to expand the limit and ensure a high-resolution experience. Video calls on the platform now come with a screen sharing option and messages can be auto-deleted. 

The update also made changes in the media editor and now upon zooming in, the brush width becomes smaller so that users can add finer details on photos and videos. Features like animated emojis and more password reset options are also included in the new update.