TED to Resume its Podcasts on Clubhouse

TED partners with Clubhouse


The popular podcast network TED has announced a partnership with Clubhouse, says a report by The Verge. The partnership will allow the company to bring its chats to this social audio platform.

The first room, Thank Your Ass Off, is reported to begin on 12th July and will run weekly on Mondays at 11 AM ET. The partnership also allows the company to sell brand partnerships and ads and Clubhouse is reported to take no share in it. Clubhouse benefits from the partnership because of TED’s ability to do good audios that people like listening to, which will boost the popularity of the relatively new app. TED talks are very popular; after TED launched its Audio Collective in February, it is reported to have more than a million downloads per day. Spotify also confirms that TED Talks Daily is one of the most popular shows globally.

Comparisons were made between Clubhouse and TED earlier as both the platforms helped in sharing big ideas on their platforms similar to a conference. TED can now integrate audience interaction which they were unable to do in a podcast recording means. Other social media giants like Twitter and Facebook are working on their audio platforms and Clubhouse must find a more suitable ground to stay afloat and this partnership may help them in that.