Surface Pro 8 might feature some significant specifications

The Surface Pro 8 is reported to include a 13-inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate

Surface Pro 8 might feature some significant specifications

Microsoft’s September event is just a few days away, and many people are already excited about not only Windows 11 but also any new Surface products the company may have in store for its loyal consumers and admirers. The Surface Duo 2 is already a significant name on that list, and there are rumours that the forthcoming Surface Book may have an attractive new look. Although it appears that the Surface Pro, the forerunner of all of these gadgets, would be uninteresting, a fresh leak regarding the Surface Pro 8 casts it in a more positive light.

The Surface Pro 2-in-1 tablet hasn’t altered much over the years since it first became popular. Sure, there have been modest improvements in processors, display resolutions, and some minor design elements throughout the years, but the essential formula has remained the same. Microsoft simply added a USB-C port, not a Thunderbolt port, to the Surface Pro 7 above, for example.

According to a fresh leak, things could change with the Surface Pro 8. It lists not one, but two Thunderbolt 4 connectors, while a proprietary Surface Connect port is likely to remain. Given Microsoft’s scepticism of Thunderbolt security, it’ll be fascinating to hear what the company has to say about the move.

The Surface Pro 8 will include a 13-inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, according to the marketing materials. The latter is another first for the Surface range, eventually bringing the Surface line up to speed with current laptops. The increased refresh rate could make the system feel more responsive, especially when it comes to decreasing lag from the N-Trig pen.

Unfortunately, according to some accounts, the gadget seen in the leak is the Surface Pro X. There’s no indication on what design the Surface Pro 8 will have this time around, but it’s long overdue for a refresh, with reduced bezels and a dedicated spot for the Surface Pen in the keyboard cover.