Super Mario Smartwatches to be available from July 15

Super Mario Smartwatches


The popular game Super Mario is set to become more popular as it is to be branded with TAG Heuer Connected smartwatches. Nintendo had a tendency to be protective of its IP and that’s why we were not able to put our hands on a lot of Super Mario-related stuff.

Recently, the company has seen endorsing many brand partnerships. Therefore, there is an increased number of mobile games and a theme park based on their games out there.

The Swiss watch company TAG Heuer is known for its extremely well-designed and expensive smartwatches. Similar to the TAG Heuer Connected, a Wear OS device that was launched last April, the limited-edition Mario Smartwatch comes at a price of $2,150 and is said to produce only 2000 units. A Mario ‘M’ is inscribed on the dial, red accents and a matching red rubber strap adds to the design of the watch. There is also a black leather version.

The Smartwatch comes with a 430 mAh battery with around 6-20 hours of life-based on one’s usage. the diameter measures 45mm and comes with a GPS and heart rate monitor.

The Mario animations that pop out when certain goals like step count are attained make it a more children-friendly smartwatch. However, the pricing is a bit unsatisfactory compared to other smartwatches.