Spin’s new e-scooter is designed to withstand the public’s neglect


The Ford-owned company “Spin” is launching the new Spin S-100T, to tackle the tough streets of the US, adding to that, it seems the T stands for “tough.” The new model has been designed with reliability and durability in mind, and was designed and built by the company’s in-house team.

Spin CTO Benny Wong said that the S-100T has been put through extreme durability tests, including extremes of heat and cold. In order to deal with the sort of corrosion that takes place in costal areas, the scooter was tested in salt water fog to “guarantee performance in extremely humid and corrosive conditions.”

Spin added that the bike is running new, custom software which can better be customized and adapted in future. That includes better geofencing and enforcement, as well as the planned addition of Insight, a scooter-centric ADAS system developed by Drover.

Source: Engadget