Skype for modern Windows now syncs your calls and chats


Skype has announced that it has updated its modern Windows app and you can download the new version from the Windows Store. With this update, Skype running on multiple devices will be synchronized whether it is in terms of read chats or picked up calls. The changelog includes:

  • Synced calls: When you pick up a call on any device and your Skype for modern Windows is on, the incoming ring will stop much faster. Skype calls will now sync up wherever you choose to take the call from, including your phone, tablet, desktop, or on
  • Synced chats: your chat history and read messages also sync automatically across devices so you can continue the conversation from anywhere. You can also send an IM while someone is offline and they will receive it the next time they sign in.

Now to enjoy the updates you have to upgrade to Windows 8.1, if not yet, as this new version only supports Windows 8.1 .


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