Skoda opens a virtual showroom on Amazon Fire TV

Customers can now hunt for Skoda EV within the comfort of their home

Skoda opens a virtual showroom on Amazon Fire TV

Physically visiting a showroom, which is likely to be far away, and speaking with a group of salesmen may no longer be necessary. Skoda is constructing a online showroom for Amazon’s Fire TV, according to rumours.

Customers will be able to look at a vehicle’s features and functions from the convenience of their own home. They will be provided a full 360-degree external and interior view, according to the company. SMS or email can be used to send questions and inquiries. The virtual car dealership, which is a cooperation with media agency PHD, will include Skoda’s first fully electric vehicle, the ENYAQ iV.

When it comes to EV production, Skoda isn’t among the top players now. It has to go a long way to create a name of its own in the EV market. So, it makes sense for the company to adopt unique and creative marketing techniques to generate excitement for its first electric vehicle.

Another example is the Czech company’s use of two beautiful sibling robots, Purr and Grr, to promote their electric vehicle. Purr and Grrr are thought to represent the Enyaq’s soft and sensitive sides, as well as their impersonate and creative parts.

Skoda may be being creative, but it’s worth contemplating whether the showroom concept itself should be reassessed, particularly in the post-pandemic age.