Sennheiser launches CX Plus noise-cancelling earbuds

It will be available in black and white for $179.95 from September 28th

Sennheiser launches CX Plus noise-cancelling earbuds

Sennheiser is no stranger to genuine wireless earbuds at this time. The brand provides a diverse range of models, ranging from basic and economical to luxury and expensive. Sennheiser is launching its latest earbuds, the CX Plus True Wireless, today. Active noise cancellation (ANC), ambient sound, and the option to modify both the onboard controls and the EQ are all included in this new model. It also costs less than the Momentum True Wireless 2, the company’s previous ANC model. 

The CX Plus is designed similarly to Sennheiser’s current CX and CX 400BT true wireless earphones. In contrast to the circular exterior of the Momentum buds, the outside touch panel is a rounded rectangle. Without reaching for your phone, onboard touch controls provide everything you need to play music, make calls, and use a voice assistant. The CX Plus, as its name suggests, provides additional functions not found on the CX True Wireless. This features a Smart Pause feature, which is really just automatic pausing when you remove an earbud from your ear but has a nice name according to Sennheiser. Smart Pause was previously only available on the more expensive Momentum True Wireless 2. 

ANC is another important feature of the CX Plus. The two CX models before it solely provides passive noise isolation. Ambient sound mode, or Transparent Hearing as Sennheiser calls it, is also available on the CX Plus. Previously, such a feature was not available on the CX series earbuds. Only the Momentum True Wireless 2 included active noise cancellation and Transparent Hearing. The CX Plus gained the company’s Bass Boost preset from earlier models, as well as the IPX4 splash-proof designation from the CX True Wireless. 

Sennheiser claims that the CX Plus, thanks to its TrueResponse transducer, provides “audiophile technology” in “everyday” earbuds. The acoustic arrangement was created for far more expensive earphones and is intended to deliver “high-fidelity stereo sound” with “depth basses, natural mids, and clear, detailed treble.” Although the firm has a good track record when it comes to sound, we’ll have to double-check those promises to make sure they’re accurate this time. Sennheiser claims a total listening duration of up to 24 hours: eight hours on the buds and two more charges in the lawsuit.

The CX Plus will be available in black and white for $179.95 from September 28th.