Sena launches Outrush R smart modular helmet

The new Outrush R smart modular helmet will cost $259

Sena launches Outrush R smart modular helmet

Sena has revamped its modular helmet to offer a more comfortable and seamless riding experience. The older version Outrush which was launched in June 2020, had a built-in communicator in a flip-up modular helmet. It was priced at $199 but it lacked some features.

So, Sena has launched Outrush R which is similar to the older version but the company claims it to be smarter, safer, and more comfortable. It does not have Sena’s mesh communicator technology but it is a very good option as an affordable helmet with built-in comms. It has a Bluetooth 5.0 communicator. It is integrated into the helmet thereby eliminating the need for wires, speakers, and a microphone twisted under the helmet’s liner. 

The intercom system, speakers and microphone doesn’t compromise the comfort and aerodynamics of the lid in any way. The Outrush R also has smartphone connectivity which will provide riders options for automatic listening to music, receiving GPS information, and receive phone calls while riding motorbikes. The Bluetooth 5.0 in the modular helmet allows four participants in calls with a range up to 900 meters as claimed by the company. 

It also has noise-cancelling software that can filter out road noise and wind noise. The expected talk time is up to 12 hours with a charging time of around 2.5 hours. The Outrush R claims a double homologation DOT and ECE certification in terms of safety. Therefore, it can be worn with the chin bar flipped open as a three-quarters helmet. It comes with an internal sun visor and a detachable internal lining which is made of breathable fabric. 

It is a bit heavier among techie modular helmets and weighs around 1,730 grams. The Outrush R is also a bit expensive than the Outrush and costs $259. For its price, it is definitely a good option with all the features.