Samsung might introduce Galaxy Book Fold 17 as its first foldable laptop

The launch of Galaxy Book Fold 17 might not be far off

Samsung might introduce Galaxy Book Fold 17 as its first foldable laptop

Microsoft pondered on the idea of foldable Windows PCs, only to drop it halfway through. But the project has been undertaken by other OEMs. ASUS’ Project Precog dual-screen device was just a content prototype. Lenovo managed to launch the ThinkPad X1 Fold with its foldable screen last year. Reports mention that Samsung could be the next to launch a similar device. The company is working on its expertise to bring out a foldable named Galaxy Book Fold 17.

People prefer to have bigger screens on their devices. But the portability factor is also looked upon. It was always difficult and unconventional to combine these two factors. This is where foldable devices come into play. Although it will account for big or extra screens and are portable, some compromises are made in terms of technology and features. Samsung had been working on many innovations exclusively by its display-making arm. Some of them are foldable screens and under-screen cameras that are already added to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. But that’s not the extent Samsung wishes to cover.

A tweet by Ice universe left the world wonder what it could mean. The tweet was “Galaxy Book Fold 17” and Ben Geskin mentioned that it could be Samsung’s 17-inch foldable laptop. The laptop will be an important step in the future of computing as noted by tech enthusiasts. Some people who had user experience of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold might have a cautious optimism regarding the new laptop. As of now, no official declaration on Galaxy Book Fold 17’s launch date has come out. With Windows 11 coming soon, the launch of the laptop might also be near depending on the suitability of Windows 11 on the device.

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