Samsung Introduces HDR Imaging Chip for Vehicle Camera Systems

Suitable for both low and bright lighting situations


Nowadays, cars come with many cameras: in the front and rear, side sensing and driver monitoring cameras. With a view to reign that market, Samsung has launched a new HDR Imaging Chip with two-pixel specifications.

The unique technology employed will help it in adapting to both low and bright lighting environments. The ISOCELL Auto 4AC comes in 1280×960 resolution and has a touch that is smaller than sensors present on smartphones. The unique “CornerPixel” arrangement and the installation of both 1 micron and 3-micron photodiodes in a single pixel area adds to its specifications. The 3-micron photodiode ensures quality in low-light situations.

Videos can be captured at night and it can also adapt quickly to quick changes in lighting. That is to say, if the car passes through a tunnel, the camera can identify it fast and act accordingly. The device is currently under production and is also expected to withstand a wide range of temperatures.