Samsung explains everything about The Frame TV’s Art Store (Infographics)


The lifestyle TV. The Frame is not just a TV for watching shows. It is more like a lifestyle wall ornament that can turn the wall into a beautiful painting on a frame and more. Yes, it also behaves like a big wall painting hanging on the wall when you are not watching TV shows. You can view your family photo or artwork of prominent artists across the world. You can download Art pieces from Samsung’s Art Store, which has a diverse collection of famous paintings and art pieces in 4K resolution.

Samsung has now published an infographic that tells you everything about The Frame TV’s Art Store and its functioning in a simple illustration method to understand people across countries.

The Art Store is a digital marketplace designed by Samsung where users can buy digital versions of world-famous paintings and art pieces. These paintings come from world-class museums and art galleries around the world. Right now, the Art Store has more than 1,500 pieces of art, designed by more than 626 artists, and they are collected from 42 countries around the world.