Rumored HTC Nexus, upcoming Xiaomi, Oppo, vivo, and Meizu phones will have 3D Touch


A new rumor out of China claims that Google will add the necessary software to support 3D Touch into the next Android release. As this will be built into the OS, phone makers won’t have to create their own software implementations for it, which should speed up adoption.

In fact, HTC is said to be adding 3D Touch to this year’s Nexus phone, which it will make. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about an HTC Nexus, and the last rumor on the matter said we’d see not one but two HTC-made handsets in 2016. If that’s true, perhaps they’ll both have pressure-sensitive screens.

But the Nexus line isn’t the only one getting the functionality. Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo, and vivo are all said to be working on future devices with pressure-sensing displays. So it looks like this is bound to become a staple feature of Android smartphones later this year.

Source: gsmarena | vr-zone