Robots to Make Sony TVs- Helps in Reducing Cost of Production

Sony will employ robots at their production facility


It is reported that Sony is planning to automate the production of TVs at its main facility in Malaysia.

Sony plans to reduce the cost of production by a huge margin through this step. This will also see a decrease in the number of defects that could be encountered while production. This plan was reported by Financial Times and the production facility in Malaysia is expected to bring down the cost of production by 70% by the year 2023. 

Kimio Maki, President and CEO of Sony, had told the Financial Times, “I don’t think automation by itself using robots will bring enough benefits. The key is to use digitization to link sales and manufacturing”. This is a cue that the company will focus more on online sales and marketing in the coming days along with the process of automation of production facilities. 

The company was successful in bringing down its losses by paying more attention to their premium range TVs such as OLED. The above-mentioned step of production optimization will also help in bringing down the losses. 

Sony has already employed robots in their production facility in Japan because of which the company could produce a new PS4 console every 30 seconds. The number of human workers in that factory is only four. They expect to successfully employ the same method in Malaysia, too.