Roblox adds voice chat with Spatial Voice

Moderation becomes a concern with the addition of this feature

Roblox adds voice chat with Spatial Voice

Roblox is taking initial steps to add voice chat to its platform. For this, it is opening a feature called “Spatial Voice” to some developers in an invitation-only beta version.

The company’s chief product officer Manuel Bronstein has announced that the new feature will enable creators to test developments where conversations happen in a natural and real manner that is similar to the listening and response that we see around us. It seems like Spatial Voice is aiming to replicate how voices travel in real life, requiring you to be in close proximity to another player in order to communicate with them.

The addition of any form of voice chat to Roblox instantly raises questions about how the firm would monitor talks, especially given the game’s huge appeal among minors. According to reports, Roblox aims to roll out the feature slowly, allowing access to 5,000 developers at a time, of age 13 or older. Bronstein also stated in an interview that the corporation might not offer access to children in the future too.

Bronstein said that they wanted to take it slow and to learn from it. The initial benefit group of 13 and older will be maintained for some time. After that they will analyze whether everything is going right before adding it to a younger age group. For moderation, the company will allow users to report problems. He added that self-regulation will be maintained and will restrict users who do not follow the community guidelines. It will help keep the bad people away from it.

According to some reports, Roblox is also working on a voice chat feature that will allow you to communicate with your friends regardless of where they are in Roblox. That sounds similar to the platform in Discord, where you may be playing different games while still being in the same speech channel.

Roblox acquired the chat platform Guilded in August. It appears to be bolstering this larger voice conversation. Various sources have strengthened the report that Guilded will give Roblox’s future voice plans a background to build up on.

The addition of voice chat could help Roblox compete with other games like Fortnite by making it a more popular location to hang out. Roblox appears to be trying to get ahead of the issues that voice chat could bring to the platform by taking this gradual approach.