Ricoh introduces eWhiteboard 4200 similar to the regular whiteboard, but with more features

eWhiteboard will initially be available only in Japan


Ricoh is a well-known company known for its cameras. Teaming with E Ink, the company has ventured into manufacturing a new product- a whiteboard. This whiteboard called the Ricoh eWhiteboard 4200 has a 42-inch electronic ink display. The display is similar to paper and allows users to use it as a normal whiteboard but with more features.

Electronic ink technology is utilized by E Ink to produce screens. The screens in Kindle are similar to this but comes in a larger size. The whiteboard manufactured by Ricoh requires very little energy and can be used in place of a tablet and has Wi-Fi connectivity options. The Wi-Fi connectivity allows two whiteboards to be connected which in turn helps connect to people even when they are not in the same room. When two screens are connected, one mirrors the handwritten input on the other.

Even though the whiteboard has a comparatively larger size, it is only a half-inch thick and weighs around 13lbs. The rechargeable battery that comes with eWhiteboard 4200 will allow you to use the device in situations where you can’t connect it to a power source. This makes it very convenient in places like construction sites and is also waterproof and dustproof.

The device will only be available in Japan for now. Ricoh claims that this whiteboard makes remote working easier and also that this is the first device to offer a two-pen solution.