Reserve your chance to own Ola Electric Scooter @ Rs.499 now

Official launch date yet to be revealed


On Thursday, Ola Electric Mobility has officially opened its site for making reservations for their first electric scooter. Reservations can be made by remitting a sum of Rs.499 which is refundable. The reservations will ensure priority delivery of the vehicles.

The official launch date of the vehicle and its exact price is yet to be announced by the company. The official Ola Electric portal when opened faced some technical issues which seem to be fixed now.

Earlier this week a 10-year debt financing agreement was signed between Ola Electric and Bank of Baroda. This amount funds the initial phase of the Ola Futurefactory which is the company’s manufacturing hub of electric scooters. This hub claims to produce an electric scooter every two seconds.

It is by investing in a local start-up called Vogo that Ola started working towards electric vehicles. In April Ola also announced the Ola Hypercharger Network, which will become the world’s largest and densest two-wheeler charging system with over 1,00,000 high-speed charging points in over 400 cities. The first phase will build 5000 of these charging points in 100 cities.