Postmates E-Bikes launched in San Francisco


You’ll need your own vehicle if you want to be a courier for Postmates, but if you’re in San Francisco, you can rent an eco-friendly option from the company. The food delivery service has started renting out e-bikes to delivery personnel in the city as part of the zero-emission initiative it launched a few months ago in Manhattan, where it has electric scooters on offer. While the program is only live in two locations, Postmates says it could eventually expand to other cities across the US.

San Francisco’s e-bikes can only last 20 to 40 miles on a single charge, a range much shorter compared to Postmates’ scooters in New York, which can run for 60 miles. However, it’s also cheaper: couriers can rent it for $80 a month instead of $120, paid via the money they make through the service. Besides, each e-bike comes with an extra battery and a bag they can use to hold deliveries.

Source: engadget