Pornhub’s first store has a live-streaming bed camera


The Pornhub’s shop in New York City is offering many unique things. The new shop recently opened near 70 Wooster Street, you’ll see a bed with a camera that live-streams the activities directly to the porn giant’s website. No, you can’t get away with what normally happens on a bed at Pornhub, but you are encouraged to “interact” with the camera.

The adults-only store is also notable as Pornhub’s retail debut. And it’s mostly about fashion. You’ll see some sex toys and “aphrodisiac herbs,” but most of the wares are either self-branded clothing or apparel from Pornhub’s partners. The company knowingly set up shop next to high fashion brands, in fact. While no one would confuse the porn purveyor with its haute couture neighbors, the company clearly wants to be taken seriously.

If you’re curious enough to step inside, the New York pop-up will be open until December 20th. There will also be a “holiday-themed” store in Milan, Italy soon.

Corey Price the Pornhub person said the New York Daily News because they wanted to expanding its clothing line and decided that real-world interaction at a pop-up store “would be cool” instead of limiting it to the virtual realm. We wouldn’t count on any permanent Pornhub stores, then, but this shows how internet giants of all stripes increasingly see retail as a key way to drive business.