Pebblemon brings Pokemon clone on Pebble smartwatches

The founder of Pebble has shared a video on Twitter showcasing a smooth run of the game on the smartwatch

Pebblemon brings Pokemon clone on Pebble smartwatches

Pokemon is a popular game series that was launched almost two and a half decades ago. The game series was launched in Japan, from where it travelled all around the world to hook people to its game. Pebblemon, a game developed for the Pebble smartwatch looks like a clone of the Pokemon game series. Both the games are not 100 percent similar but the Pebblemon developers describe their game as a “mini Pokemon adventure on your wrist.”

Pebble smartwatches were launched in 2017 by Fitbit and are used by many now. According to Harrison Allen, the game developer of Pebblemon say that they have used Pokemon Yellow to create the graphics library for their game. In Pokemon you could explore within the Johto region and the same is enabled in Pebblemon. The game can be played on the smartwatch with the help of buttons on it. 

Allen also added that the Pebblemon has all 251 Pokemon from the Game Boy Color (GBC) title. On leveling up more features can be unlocked. Eric Migicovsky, who is the founder of Pebble has shared a video on Twitter, in which the game is running on the smartwatch. There were no technical difficulties identified in the video and the game runs smoothly. Following the video, he tweeted that “This is basically a full port of the GBC version of Pokemon btw.”

Pebble smartwatch owners can download Pebblemon from