OnePlus One second pre-order will go live on November 17


OnePlus is set to begin a second day of pre-orders on November 17 so that users yearning for a OnePlus One can either buy or pre-order one. The one hour window is as follows – PST (Nov 17, 8AM-9AM), EST (Nov 17, 11AM-12AM), GMT (Nov 17, 4PM-5PM), CET (Nov 17, 5PM-6PM) and HKT (Nov 18, 12AM-1AM).

Once the pre-orders begin users will get the chance to buy the One while there’s still stock available. If there is and you order it, shipping will be immediate – no waiting involved. If quantities are depleted, your order will automatically be turned into a pre-order with a pending shipping at a later time.

The invite system is still in place and many people are starting to get sick of it already. If you have an invite you can use it during the pre-order window to jump ahead of the waiting list for a device. Users that have purchased a OnePlus One after August 3 have received 3 shareable invites, lasting for up to 7 days, also usable in the pre-order window.

The last time OnePlus started its pre-order, their website’s servers gave in under the load and users weren’t all that pleased with the whole shopping experience. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen this time around.

Source: gsmarena