OnePlus 6 leak reveals more details


OnePlus has been dribbling out details of its next phone for weeks, but one retailer may have revealed more than OnePlus was ready to show. WinFuture spotted an Amazon Germany listing (since removed) for the OnePlus 6 that included full images of the device — no murky photos or teases here. True to expectations, the handset is dominated by its 6.3-inch display at the front, and a glass back on at least the “mirror black” model. There’s also a “midnight black” variant that appears to have a matte finish, although it’s not certain this means a switch to aluminum.

Other tidbits? The 16- and 20-megapixel rear cameras are stacked vertically (as seems to be the rage nowadays), the alert slider has moved to the right (gasp!), and there’s still a headphone jack — expect OnePlus to make a fuss over that last part. The listing doesn’t leave much to the imagination (beyond what OnePlus has revealed, that is) ahead of the OnePlus 6’s official debut on May 16th.