Oculus’ Passthrough API to mix VR and real-world experiences

The technology will initially be available only in Quest 2


Passthrough API, announced by Facebook will allow developers to integrate video from the Quest 2’s sensors to the virtual world of games and applications, creating a mixed experience. It will also allow the developers to customize the looks and apply effects and also can show the real world on certain surfaces. The API could improve the software by providing real-life keyboards and desks. Facebook believes that the API could be interesting as everything in the real world could be connected to that in the virtual world. It will now be available only in Quest 2 and the image processing will be done on the device itself. The applications employed in it will not get to see or store the images. In the future, they plan to add it to other development platforms.

Passthrough technology is already present in the Quest, Quest 2, and Rift S headsets. It allows the users to have a look at the happenings around them. Facebook allows one to set Passthrough as the virtual environment where you can navigate the Oculus UI.

If the technology can be successfully developed then the headsets will have nearly ideal features. The technology is expected to come out later this year and, surely, it will provide some new experience in the Oculus platform.