Nokia releases Android launcher


Nokia team has released an Android launcher, called Z Launcher. It is a home screen replacement to take you to frequently-used apps, contacts and sites quickly. It learns your habits and gives you a list of apps and contacts that changes based on where you are and what you’re doing, like it will list your calendar app at the top when you’re in the middle of the workday, or Instagram when you’re out on the town. You can also scribble out a letter in the middle of your home screen to search for apps installed on your phone, or things on the internet through Google suggest.

Z Launcher’s interface is very simple and there aren’t any support for widgets like Google’s search bar, currently. It’s currently available only to a limited number of users in a rough alpha release. Nokia has tested the launcher only on Nexus 5 and recent Galaxy S models, but it is expected to run on many Android phones. It is not just an app, but with this the company is demonstrating that it can design an interface for other companies’ handsets.

SOURCE: Z Launcher

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