New emojis and customization options for memojis on World Emoji Day

World Emoji Day is celebrated on July 17th


July 17th is World Emoji Day. Many new emojis await approval to join the new major updated version, Emoji 14.0. Also, the beta preview of iOS 15 allows customizing fun memojis. The new set includes nine new memoji stickers and includes a saluting face, a biting lip, and a low-battery emoji. Heart-hand emoji, melting face, and a face with open eyes are also included.

The new set is scheduled to be approved by September, this year and will be available on smartphones by early 2022.

Apple has allowed its users to customize their memojis on the occasion of World Emoji Day. The customization options allow users to choose from over 40 outfits to reflect their style, mood, or season with up to three different colours. It can also be customized with multi-coloured headgears to represent one’s favourite sports team or university. Heart, star, and retro-shaped glasses also make their way into the customization option. It also includes accessibility options and two different eye colours.

The iOS 15 version offers memoji stickers representing a shaka, a handwave, and a light bulb among others and will be available later this year.