Microsoft’s cloud PC platform, Windows 365 soon to be available to organizations

Windows 365 will be available from August 2nd


Microsoft’s help to ease the remote working experience that became so common with the start of the pandemic is all set to available to organizations starting from August 2nd. Windows 365 is a way to access Windows operating system from anywhere. It helps in accessing the operating system using a desktop, laptop, or even a smartphone.

It makes the idea of cloud PC real by providing a full-length computing experience on a Mac, iPad, Linux, and even an Android device through an app or browser or any device through an active internet connection. It also ensures the security provided by a traditional Windows PC. It can also access the apps, tools, data, and settings from the cloud that they want on their PC.

Windows 365 helps in providing virtualization that does not require dedicated IT support. It will also support business apps like Microsoft 365, Dynamic 365, Power Platform, and more. The Endpoint Analytics dashboard offers analytics and the internet connection health across the network can be accessed. The new Watchdog Service lets IT teams run diagnostics.

Windows 365 addresses some security challenges with the help of a Zero Trust architecture. It employs multi-factor authentication (MFA) to verify access and login attempts on the cloud PC using integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Even though Microsoft has been working on this platform for a long time, it is apt to say that the pandemic has helped it to test it on a large scale.