Microsoft Teams adds Top Hits feature to aid search functions

The new feature will be available by the end of September

Microsoft Teams adds Top Hits feature to aid search functions

Microsoft is adding a new feature that will aid the search functionality on its platform. The new feature will be called Top Hits and will aid the automated generation of relevant search results for the user. 

The Microsoft 365 Cloud PC roadmap entry points out that the Top Hits sections will recommend the most appropriate results for the users’ search across chats, files, people, and other data stored or shared in the app. 

The AI-enabled search feature that Teams has, will be enhanced with this new feature as it will bring to you faster and relevant search results. It will be par with a universal search feature. The feature is still under development and it will take some time to come out. Microsoft expects the rollout by the end of September.

Microsoft has recently added new features onto Teams to make it more popular as the COVID-19 restricted people to remote works and WFH conditions. It has enabled features like video calls, file sharing, etc. after the onset of the pandemic. It has also made arrangements to merge personal and work accounts in the same app, simultaneously. This feature was launched last month helping people from the need to toggle between two different types of accounts.

It has also added new video conferencing features like Reporter mode, Standout mode, and Side-by-side modes. These modes allow the user to replace their background with content that is to be shown or the picture of the person presenting the content or both.