Microsoft is testing a Windows 11 desktop watermark


Microsoft is experimenting with two new ways to warn unsupported hardware Windows 11 users. In the latest test builds, a new watermark appears on the desktop wallpaper and on the landing page of their settings app.

If a test build is running on unsupported hardware, the desktop watermark simply states “system requirements not met,” and appears on evaluation versions of Windows. This is similar to the watermark displayed when using a pre-release or evaluation version of Windows OS. Twitter user Albacore discovered this first on earlier this month.

Working to transition Windows 11 onto unsupported hardware, Microsoft is working on methods to ensure updated computers are in-line with new OS standards before purchase. One of these changes is an option for users to disable desktop wallpaper that displays an error message, noting that the device may be out of date.

Microsoft revealed its minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11, and while they are yet to be finalized, they were expected to cause a huge uproar with the omission of several processor types from the need-list. However, there is an easy way around this and install Windows 11 on those not meeting the required specs. It seems many people have taken this workaround by installing Windows 11 in spite of it limiting their processors choice down to Intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake or Zen+, and Zen+.

However, it looks like Microsoft doesn’t seem to be experimenting with anything even remotely close to restrictions with the latest update. They’ve managed to avoid automatic pop-ups or notifications thus far, making it easier for users to activate their systems