Logitech introduces G435 Wireless Gaming Headset with its Lightspeed tech

It'll be available for $79.99 later this month

Logitech introduces G435 Wireless Gaming Headset with its Lightspeed tech

Logitech has brought its Lightspeed 2.4GHz wireless technology to many devices over the years, including mouse and keyboards. The number of headsets that support Lightspeed is much smaller than the number of gaming mouse and keyboards that do, but with the release of the G435 Wireless Gaming Headset, that number is expanding by one.

The G435 is the lightest gaming headset Logitech has ever created, weighing in just 5.8 oz (165 grams). While Logitech claims that the G435 is suitable for a variety of people, the headset was designed with smaller head sizes in mind, so it could be suitable for children or teenagers; the fact that the G435 features an adjustable volume limiter supports this theory.

The G435 has dual beamforming mics and 40 mm speakers in either case. Because of its two mics, the G435 does away with the mic arm while still minimizing background noise. The G435’s lack of a protruding microphone makes it a realistic alternative for daily usage – at least for people who don’t favour earbuds – and Logitech claims that it can last up to 18 hours on a full charge.

The G435 is one of the more ecologically friendly headsets you’ll find because it’s certified CarbonNeutral, which means Logitech has employed high-quality carbon offsets to bring the carbon footprint to zero. Logitech claims the G435 is the most environmentally friendly headset it has ever made, with more than 22 percent recycled content across the headset’s plastic components and paper packaging from FSC-certified forests.

The headset is Bluetooth compatible, but it also includes a USB-A 2.4GHz Lightspeed wireless receiver for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The G435 is available in three colour combinations: black with neon yellow, blue with raspberry, and off-white with lilac. It’ll be available for $79.99 later this month.