LG’s Puricare mask comes with in-built air purifier and microphone

Puricare will be launched in Thailand this August


Facemasks have become an essential commodity. LG has brought in a new innovative facemask which has an in-built air purifier and a microphone so that the words you speak won’t get muffled.

Regular facemasks can cause a lot of inconveniences like fogging of eyeglasses, sweating, and inaudible speech. LG has taken into consideration all of these inconveniences while making their new product. LG had earlier released a beta model of the product and the company claims that the new version is lighter, easier to use, and contains an efficient lighter motor.

The facemask weighs only 94grams and therefore, it can be worn throughout the day without worrying about its weight. The 1000mAh battery offers 8 hours of battery life and can be recharged in two hours. It also minimizes the air leakage around the nose and chin because of its fitting design and thus will stay comfortable.

The in-built microphone and speaker are powered by VoiceON technology. The user will not face the problems of inaudible speech upon wearing the mask. The voice of the speaker will be amplified so that listeners can hear it well.

The device is set to launch in Thailand in August and a price hasn’t been set yet. Details on launch in other markets are also not notified.