LG’s new home appliances can chat with you


Last year, LG has announced HomeChat service, which allows customers to chat with their home appliances using their smartphone, and now devices equipped with this service are available for purchase. These devices include a refrigerator with a camera, a washing machine that responds to chat messages, and a microwave oven with NFC and WiFi baked in.

LG HomeChat incorporates LINE application to allow users to receive recommendations and control settings when away from home. The chat service has a Quick Button that give users fast and easy access to commonly-used functions for each appliance. There are three different modes – Vacation, Away and Return-home – to help users. HomeChat is also offering 40 stickers to add “an enjoyable and personal component” to interactions with your home appliances.

With respect to the appliances, the refrigerator’s camera can send photos of its contents to you so you know what items you need to buy when you’re at the grocery store or supermarket. The washing machine can be remotely activated so that loads are finished before you get home from work. It is also equipped with an intuitive smart touch display that makes it easy to select or download appropriate wash cycles via a WiFi connection. The microwave oven includes recipe suggestions, and recommend recipes for specific dishes. It will auto-select the appropriate settings like temperature and cooking time for the particular dish.

LG says that initially these appliances will only be available in its home market of Korea. The company is planning to introduce these chatty appliances in other countries, including the US, but did not specify the timeframe.


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