LG’s KizON wristband lets parents track their kids


LG has unveiled a new wearable device for kids named as KizON wristband. The device is meant for parents to track the location of their children. It uses GPS and Wi-Fi to provide real-time location information on a smartphone or tablet. The wristband also features a ‘One Step Direct Call’ button, which lets parents to contact their children easily and if the kid is not answering the call from any pre-set phone numbers within 10 seconds, it will automatically connect the call. The parents can then listen through the built-in microphone.


With the wristband, the child also can dial a pre-configured number by pressing a button. Parents will also be able to monitor the smartband’s battery on the accompanying smartphone app, which will also alert them once the battery goes below 25 percent. It houses a 400 mAh battery that lasts for 36 hours on a full charge. Another feature is Location Reminder, which will allow parents to set the device for providing location alerts at specific times throughout the day.

To attract children, the wristband will accompany a wide range of accessories featuring popular animation characters. It will be available in three colors: blue, pink and green in South Korea starting tomorrow. The device will be rolled out in North America and Europe in the third quarter of this year. The price of the device has not been revealed.


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