LG Display’s 88-inch 8K OLED


Earlier at CES 2019, LG revealed a rolling OLED TV that will come to actual stores in 2019. It’s amazing, but will sound a little familiar to some readers, because it’s pretty much what we saw showcased by LG Display last year. If rollable TVs are done, what is LG Display up to this time?

LG Display’s 88-inch 8K OLED is its marquee screen this time around; something that LG itself had showcased already. Granted, this is the bleeding edge of TV technology, but what’s new here? For 2019, it’s not what you’re looking at but what you’re hearing. The company has manufactured its Crystal Sound screen tech into those 88 inches, meaning there’s no need for speakers — the screen doubles as one. And now it sounds better.

LG Display says it can produce 3.2.2-channel Dolby Atmos audio this time around, which is a big improvement over the stereo setups we’d seen in the past. Unfortunately, the technical demos weren’t all that remarkable, with a few UFOs flying around the screen to demonstrate the improved audio depth offered by Dolby Atmos. I just wish they had some movies or more involved content to show it all off. It sounded better than previous models, but I can’t definitively claim that it’s good enough to replace your soundbar.

Given that it took just a year for LG Display’s rollable OLED to turn into an actual TV (very rich) people can buy, we can expect to see both technologies in TVs soon. (LG Display didn’t have concrete production plans for either, just yet.) LG has already produced two generations of Crystal Sound OLED TVs, but this time around, with Dolby Atmos, third time could be the charm.

Source: Engadget