Instagram for Android is now faster and cleaner


Instagram has come up with a bigger update for its Android app, which makes it faster and more responsive. The company halved the size of its Android app and doubled the speed of profile loading to increase speed throughout Instagram. The app has been redesigned to both look nicer and perform better. The visuals throughout the app has been simplified by making use of valuable screen space for small devices and feature phones and rearranging the design to keep buttons within easy reach as you navigate the app on a larger device. This update intend to a more wider expansion of Instagram by fitting into all sorts of devices, whether large or small. “It looks phenomenal on a low resolution device,” says McAllister. “[This is] definitely one the more laborious things we’ve done, but it’s also one of the greatest aspects of the Android platform — the software is so open that it runs on large devices and small devices.” Instagram 5.1 for Android doesn’t include any new features. The updated app is now available for download at the source link below.

SOURCE: Google Play, Instagram

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