Instagram blocks users from linking to Telegram and Snapchat


You can see in the Instagram bio where you can deeplink social network to other parts of the internet, and IG celebs often use it to let fans know where else they can be found. It still works as intended, but it has suddenly stopped supporting Telegram and Snapchat links, as TechCrunch reported. An IG spokesperson confirmed to TC that it has “removed the ability to include ‘add me’ links” to profiles.” He said that it was “not the way [their] platform was intended to be used,” but that “other types of links are still allowed.”

The spokesperson didn’t name specific websites, but upon checking, it can confirm that Instagram continues to support Twitter, LinkedIn and, of course, Facebook links. If you try to add a Telegram or a Snapchat profile, though, you get this message:

Source: engadget