Images of Honor 8 Lite leaks ahead of MWC 2017


Xiaomi announced it will not make any product announcements during MWC 2017, which gives fellow Chinese manufacturer Huawei the opportunity to cement its lead over Xiaomi. Based on recent leaks, Huawei might pull this off with the help of the rumored Honor 8 Lite.

As the name suggests, the Honor 8 Lite looks to be a less powerful version of the Honor 8 that precedes it. Based on leaked images, that certainly seems to be the case in terms of aesthetics. There are two main differences between the two phones, however — the Honor 8 Lite is rumored to feature one main camera and a Micro USB port, which seem like setbacks when compared to the Honor 8’s dual rear cameras and forward-thinking USB Type-C port.

Honor 8 Lite is rumored to cost around $300 when it launches at the end of February or early March, about $100 less than what the Honor 8 currently goes for. It is unknown whether the phone will launch in the U.S., but when it does, the phone will reportedly be available in blue, black, gold, and white.

Specifications and other details are unknown for now.