Google patents an electronic device for better vision

Google has filed a patent for a vision correcting electronic device that has to be injected directly into one’s eye. The patent was filed in 2014 and published last week.

The device is designed to help the focusing of light onto the retina, resulting in the correction of poor vision. It will contain its own storage, radio and lens. The device would be powered wirelessly through an energy-harvesting antenna. The antenna would allow it to connect to another device outside of the eye that would help it process information. The intra ocular device is mostly intended to improve vision but it could also act as permanent set of contact lenses or a possible alternative to surgery.

The patent lists Andrew Jason Conrad as the inventor and he was also associated with the Google Contact Lens project. He has a PhD in cell biology from University of California and before Google he was the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Laboratory Corporation of America. Google has been working on technology to help people strengthen their vision from quite some time. Google had earlier talked about Google Contact Lens, a kind of smart lens that would measure glucose level in tears thus immensely helping people with diabetes.